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Introduction to Reach

Reach is an FPS developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox 360. This Halo takes place on the planet Reach where Humanity is still at war with the Covenant as always in the year 2552. The player controls Noble 6, a spartan replacing a deceased member of noble team (all spartan team). As the fight for Reach begins Noble team begin their mission to help repel the Covenant but as we all know, it doesn't work.

Reach can be hard to finish on legendary for inexperienced FPS players and that's why many guides will be posted.

Campaign GuideEdit

Winter Contingency:Edit

Noble TeamEdit

After jumping out of the Falcon, you and the rest of Noble team descend across a farm to check out a distress beacon. If you're playing on the Legendary difficulty, you can pick up a data pad from this location, as you begin to run down the hill an invisible elite can be seen running along the track towards the 2 Moa, the elite has the data pad. You can check out the house or head southwest along the cliff-side path. Head through the house. You can stop here and listen to the conversation between Jorge and the farmers, or you can head east.

Move through the next house for your first contact with the Covenant which is a Skirmisher on the roof. Take him out through the window with the pistol and move down to the basement where you'll encounter several more Skirmishers and Grunts. Kill them and then shoot the large gas-tank outside to cause a large explosion, hopefully killing several more.

Try to stay behind the rest of Noble team throughout as they will draw most of the enemy's attention and act somewhat like moving cover - this strategy will be your friend throughout the rest of the game.

After killing all Covenant here, move northeast down the hill and over the bridge to engage the next group from the dropship. Go for headshots with the pistol to take them out quickly.

Head east past the waterfall and run into the shed for cover as you fight the next group which includes the first Elites. Whittle down their shields with your Assault Rifle (or Plasma pistol from a dead Grunt) and then take them down with a headshot.

Drop down the hillside to the north and hop in the truck. Wait for Jorge and Carter to join you. Follow the path east letting Jorge mop up the Covies along the way. Drive around the buildings and continue on the path north.

A dropship will expunge a large group of enemies near some human troopers. Take cover in the stable and take them out. Wait for the second and third dropships to leave, then take out the Elites and Grunts. Replenish your health near the stable if needed, then hop on the evac Falcon.

You'll be dropped at the combat outpost where some Jackals and Grunts are waiting. Take them out, then get inside a building while waiting for the next dropships to leave. Fight this large group while waiting for Kat to get the door open. As soon as she announces that she's through, make a break for the door.

Skeleton CrewEdit

Head into the facility and watch the cutscene. Next follow Jorge into the hallway with several more enemies. Let your fellow Spartan lay down some covering fire while you flank the enemies to the left.

Alternatively (and easier) you can shoot one of the gas tanks to the right side of the hallway and take out the whole group.

Continue down the hallway until Jorge tells you to "Flush 'em out." Toss a grenade into the doorway the Covenant are coming through and take cover behind the server-looking things moving up and down out of the ground.

Kill the Elite that charges you, take his sword and kill the last Elite with the Concussion Rifle. Now, follow Carter's advice and reset the junction to end the mission.

ONI SwordBaseEdit

The Best Defense…Edit

You'll start this mission with a number of marines and Kat. Immediately take cover behind a crate or wall and look for the Grunts and Jackals in the middle and an Elite on the upper walkway to your right. Move up the left side of the walkway using your D.M.R. to take out as many enemies in the middle as possible. Watch for any that come up the ramp either in front of or behind you.

Near the end of the walkway is a Sniper Rifle propped up against the ledge. Use it to take out any remaining Elites (note: if any are standing next to the forklift or fuel canisters, hit them to cause a big explosion).

Kill the few Skirmishers past the main area and move down to the building marked by new ordnance. Pick up the Target Locator and head outside. Take cover behind the large boulders and 'paint' one of the Wraiths with your new toy. Try and wait until they're close together to take them out with one hit (thus unlocking an Achievement and saving you the headache of destroying both separately).

Kill the remaining Grunts and Elite, grab the Rocket Launcher from one of the hills near where the Wraiths were, and hop in the dropped-off Warthog. Drive carefully heading southwest, weaving behind rocks to avoid fire and either let your gunner take out the Ghosts and infantry or just avoid them completely.

Take the Warthog over toward the AA gun and once again, let you gunner take out as many enemies as possible before hopping out to activate the gun from the adjacent roof. Be careful of the gold Elite up here with a Plasma Launcher - take him out with the Rocket Launcher you picked up earlier.

Activate the AA gun and destroy the Ghosts down below with rockets or the Plasma Laucher. Grab the Sniper Rifle in the building southeast of the AA gun, hop in your brand new 'hog and drive around the bend.

Get out at the top of the hill and try to snipe a few of the Elites and Grunts (and Ghost drivers if you can hit them) before driving down. Let your gunner mow down any you missed, then continue on to the comms array to the northeast.

Activate the generator, kill the two Jackals at the end of the overlook and grab the Sniper Rifle near them. Some Skirmishers will climb up on top of the other building, so take them about before they can start shooting at you.

Next, drive the Warthog alongside the building with the generator lever and use it to jump up on the roof. From here you should be able to snipe the two Elites out of the Revenant below without worrying too much about its cannon (most of the blasts will hit the underside of the roof, causing you no damage.)

Head over to the building where the Skirmishers were and climb up to the roof to activate the comms array, taking out the last few straggling Grunts along the way.

Minimum Safe DistanceEdit

Jump in your third brand-new Warthog (where does the UNSC get the money for so many disposable vehicles!?) and drive down around the bend, letting your gunner once again take out the Revenant and troops along the way. At the top of the hill you'll face a few more Revenants and Ghosts along with the usual troops.

Park at the top of the hill and try to peak over just enough to use the Gauss cannon on your Warthog to kill them. After finishing them off, drive north and activate the door to re-enter Sword Base.

Take the Warthog down the right side of the ramp and get back on the Gauss, shooting the Covenant as they come down the hill from the left. Walk up the hill and let Kat distract one more Elite while you sneak up for a stealth kill, then go down the ramp into Sword Base where you'll find two Hunters waiting for you.

There is a cache of Shotguns and grenades in the middle of the ramp that you can use to deal with the Hunters. Try to take one out with grenades first, then circle-strafe the other shooting him in the back. If you don't stop moving he shouldn't be able to tag you with either his Fuel Rod Cannon or shield-bash. Once he's down, deal with the Grunts and the Elite waiting in the room with the elevator, then take it up.

Office of Naval IntelligenceEdit

At the top of the elevator, replenish your health (on the right wall) and move carefully down the hallway, lobbing grenades around the corner to kill the Grunts and Elite - just watch out for his Concussion Rifle. Move into the lobby where the other Noble members are fighting off some Jackals and Elites.

Help take them out, then move up the stairs to the right. Kill the Grunts here and take the walkway over to the other side. Three more Grunts will come around the right corner - kill them and then move into the next room with the other Spartans and marines. Take the walkway back across to the other side being careful of the Elite and two Jackals at the top.

Make a U-turn through this room and back across the walkway one more time (be wary of the Gold Elite on the very top level with the Fuel Rod Cannon). Kill the Elites in this room and take the stairs up to the top. If you haven't already dealt with that Gold Elite, do it now, then head south through the door.

There are two Jackals that need to be killed before you can grab a Rocket Launcher and the copious amounts of ammo here. Soon after you enter this room, some cloaked Elites will attack from the side open to the air. Kill them with rockets (there's plenty of ammo), then lock-on to the Phantom and take it down to end the level.


…Too QuietEdit

At the beginning of this mission, run up the hill to the left and through the gap in the rocks. An Elite will walk by several sleeping Grunts. Sneak up behind him for an assassination, then take out all of the others snoozing. Upon cresting the hill, snipe the Elite with the Focus Rifle on the building to the right.

After you've made your presence known, allow the other Elites with jetpacks to come to you. After killing the first round, a Phantom will drop several Jackals and Elites. Take them out in the same manner as the others, then head west to the next area. Here you will face the same assortment of enemies, only this time there will be several Grunts shooting Plasma Turrets. Make them a priority before sniping the rest. When Jun lets you know it's clear, head south down the path.

Let Sleeping Dogs LieEdit

In the next clearing you'll find two gigantic beasts killing a group of Covenant. Let them finish before placing a couple of sniper rounds between their eyes.

Next you'll come to the pump station where some local militia are making a final stand. Do your best to keep them alive by sniping the surrounding enemies starting with the Elites. If any manage to survive, you'll be awarded with an extra cache of stolen weapons the militia had hidden. Restock and prepare for another Phantom to drop more Elites and Grunts to the west.

If you grabbed the Rocket Launcher from the stolen weapons, you can take out a large group of Covenant just as they drop out of the ship. As soon as you're finished dealing with them, another Phantom will drop more troops to the east. If you haven't already, run to the center circle area and grab a Drop Shield armor ability to help protect and heal yourself between gunfights.

As if this area weren't already frustrating enough, another dropship will appear in the north. Take these final troops out, then head northeast, following the riverbed.

I'll Just Leave This HereEdit

As you come through the last gap of the riverbed, you'll see a Covenant pylon. Take the bridge to the south and assassinate the Elite and sleeping Grunts. Snipe the Plasma Turret Grunts on the pylon, then head into the base, engaging the enemies there.

It's difficult to use a defined strategy in this area since the enemies are all over the place, but just keep sniping and using the Drop Shield when you get in trouble. You can also drop down into the small artificial river to grab a Rocket Launcher, should you need it.

After dispatching the last round of enemies, Jun will head to the pylon to set an explosive charge, leaving you to defend him while he does so. Two Phantoms will drop a load of Covenant, including two Hunters.

Try to take out the smaller infantry, including two stealthed Elites, before tackling the Hunters. Use a combination of the tactics from the last level along with any high-explosive weapons you have to drop the two behemoths.

Next, head through the gate to the south where yet another Phantom will drop some Jackals and Grunts. Take them out and continue on until you get to the next area with the Shade turrets. Obviously, these turrets are the highest threat, but it can be difficult to deal with them unless all of the other enemies are already dead. Try to take out the various Covenant from behind the cover of boulders, then pop out and remove the enemy using the turret. After they are dead, destroy the Shades for good measure.

Mop up any remaining enemies and make a run for the path leading southwest to end this level.

Tip of the SpearEdit

Tempest PerimeterEdit

You'll start this mission behind an overturned Warthog with two Banshees bearing down on you. Let them pass, take cover behind the rocks and start firing grenades into the cluster of Covenant. Work your way up the right side making sure to destroy the Shade turrets - the secondary fire of the Grenade Launcher is great for stalling them long enough to do so.

After all of the enemies are dead, a Pelican will drop a Rocket 'hog. Hop in and drive it along the path to the south. Go slowly enough to give your gunner time to kill the Skirmishers, Grunts and Ghost on the way to reaching the Covenant AA gun.

Follow the path south down below the AA gun being careful of the Revenant, and come around to the other side of the structure. Pop in and out of cover to the east of the gun allowing your gunner to take out the Elite and other troops.

When they are all dead, hop out and enter the AA gun. Disable the glowing shield and toss a grenade or two inside to destroy the structure.

Hop back in your Warthog and head up and around the bend. Once again, let you gunner take care of the infantry here, but be especially careful the the Wraith near the bridge. Your gunner should take care of the Wraith's turret, allowing you to get in close so it can't fire the big gun on you, before finishing it off with a few missile volleys.

Continue along the westward path dispatching the Skirmishers just before coming to the mining facility.

Hand Over FistEdit

Park the Warthog just short of the bridge and trade places with the gunner, using the missile turret to lay down a preemptive strike on the Shade turret and troops across the way.

Take this opportunity to fire on the second floor of the building as well - you might just take out some of the enemies up there now and not have to face them when you're up there in a few minutes.

Head up the stairs and wait for the Skirmishers to come around the corner. (Did you notice the letters "BXR" on the building? Nice little inside joke to the Halo community Bungie!) Move up and kill the Jackals around the bend, then shoot the large gas tank to take out the enemies on this platform.

Continue on and kill the Elites on the walkway (if you didn't already get them with the missile turret earlier), being careful of the Plasma Turret. Head halfway down the stairs and watch for an Elite with a red arrow over his head to come around the corner. Kill him for an Achievement.

Now, either take the low path around the left side of the building or sprint-jump directly onto the roof with the hole in it. Throw down a grenade or two to kill the Grunts waiting below, then drop down.

Head west out of the building, grabbing the Plasma Launcher along the way, and take out the two Ghosts before the Grunts driving them can get away, then take the Revenant down the path to the southeast to the second AA gun.

Drive circles around this area, taking out ground-troops as you go and being careful of the Wraith. Either destroy or hijack the Wraith and head up the hill toward the AA gun. As you ascend, a pair of Hunters and a swarm of Drones will attack. Fall back and take out the bugs first, then tackle the Hunters.

If they give you problems, try climbing the rocks to the right of the path and throwing grenades down on them.

Destroy the second AA gun exactly as before and head outside. A Phantom will drop one last load of Grunts to the southeast, but this time you'll have some help from a group of marines. Wait for the Falcon to land, then hop in the gunner's seat. Take out all Covenant you see along the way before your Falcon crashes.

The SpireEdit

When on the ground again, grab a jetpack and kill as many Skirmishers, Jackals and Grunts from a distance as you can. Head southwest toward the Covenant Spire, flying up on top of the rocks for a good vantage point. Use the jetpack to hijack a Banshee and fly it over to the top second level of the structure before hopping out.

Take the blue anti-gravity lift up to the top and kill the Grunts, watching for the sword-wielding Elite. Take him out with a charged Plasma Pistol shot followed by whatever secondary weapon you have, then use the console to deactivate the shields and end the level.

Long Night Of SolaceEdit

First floor: Aliens, Beaches, Secret Launch StationsEdit

Begin this mission by running east along the beach with your fellow Spartans. Toss a grenade over the rocks immediately after you come through the gap while some of the Covenant are still grouped together tightly. Continue moving up the beach, using the rock walls as cover. When you see drop-pods impact the ground, toss a grenade directly in front of it to damage the Elite jumping out and finish him off with a headshot.

Keep to the right wall as you turn the corner and allow your team to move ahead of you, drawing the fire of the enemies near the base. When it clears up a bit, climb the rocks to the east to flank the Elites defending the front door of the base. From here you can used charged Plasma shots and your secondary weapons to take them out before they take much notice of you.

After reaching the checkpoint, follow your team into the complex and begin moving through the hallways. At one point, you'll see a human soldier fly into a wall followed shortly by an Elite. Try to stick him with a grenade and finish him with the Assault Rifle. Once he's down, continue into the base until you reach the launch-prepped Sabre.

After a cutscene, you'll find yourself in space piloting the Sabre. After getting acquainted without the controls, a group of Banshees will arrive. Chase them down and lead your shots by shooting at the red circle in front of them.

After all of the Banshees are destroyed, a squadron of Seraphs will appear. These ships have shields that have to be stripped with the machine gun before switching over to the lock-on missiles to finish them off.

After this group is dust, several Phantoms will appear. Strafe around them firing missiles after gaining a lock on them and eventually you'll be on to the next space battle.

You'll begin this part of the mission with a Covenant Corvette looming ahead of you. Immediately fire your machine guns on the first of the four engines, then do a u-turn, accelerate away, reverse direction again and take out another engine. Repeat this two more times until all four engines are busted.

Finally, take out the remaining Seraphs and Banshees before flying toward the glowing blue circle on top of the Corvette where you'll disembark to continue on with the next phase of the level.

And the Horse You Flew OnEdit

You'll start in a low-G environment on top of the Covenant ship. Wait around for a little bit and two Elites will fly up through the shield door. Take them out, then jump down into the center room and deal with the rest of the Elites there. Use cover wisely as most of them are dual-wielding Plasma Rifles that can disable your shield in the blink of an eye.

After killing the last one, the southern door to the hanger will open. Kill the Grunts and Elite that come through, then move on to the next area. Find the Engineer floating in the middle of the room and shoot it down so it can't supplement the other Covenants' shields, then use the explosive canisters littered about the room to help kill the Elites and Grunts.

After finishing them off, the gravity will kick back in and you'll have to deactivate the shield so Jorge can come on-board. Grab some new weapons and kill the Grunts and Elites in the hall to the south.

In the next room, as you witness the Savannah being destroyed through the Corvette's window, take out a few more Elites and Grunts before continuing south through a winding corridor. You'll emerge on the command deck crewed by some Grunts, cloaked Elites and a Fuel Rod toting gold Elite.

When they're dead, activate the refueling sequence and fight your way back toward the door, using Covenant ammo crates for cover. Back in the room where you saw the Savannah explode you'll have to kill four Elites along with a complement of Grunts and Jackals. Grab a Needle Rifle near the door and go for headshots.

Once back in the room with Jorge and the Pelican, you'll have to fight off several waves of increasingly difficult enemies. Again, restock your weapons and grab the Drop Shield armor ability. When the silver Elites enter the room, make sure to take out the ones with Plasma Launchers first, then focus on the others. After killing the last enemies, this level will come to a close.


The Devil His DueEdit

You'll begin Exodus in an abandoned city walkway. Take the door west, killing the Skirmishers along the way. Someone on the radio will inform you that there are now "suicide kill squads," which means that the next few rooms of Grunts are going to rush you holding two Plasma Grenades above their heads. Take them out before they get near you, or more optimally, shoot them while they're still grouped together to take them all out at once.

Continue on west. Here you'll get your first glimpse of the Brutes coming down in a dropship, and soon after you'll fight the first one. Only the highest-level Brutes later on in the level (and the game) have energy shields, so killing them is only a matter of shooting their head-plate off and then following that with another headshot to their bare dome. Kill the group of Brutes in the next concourse, and the Skirmishers that follow, then continue west.

The next area is a domed walkway full of Brutes and other Covenant forces. Work you way along on the second floor until you get to the elevator. Once you've called the elevator, two Phantoms will begin dropping more enemies while you wait. As soon as you activate the elevator, run through the door to the east and take cover near the left wall. From here you can attempt to take the Covenant out as they drop from the Phantom, and thereby avoid being cornered near the elevator where the cover isn't that great. Just don't let the Hammer-wielding Brutes get too close.

After clearing them out, take the elevator down, restock on ammo and grab a jetpack.

Too Close to the Sun

Fly over the gap with the ODSTs, stopping at the tall red and white column where you need to take out a majority of the enemies before flying the rest of the way over. Once you do, take cover in the hallway to the left and kill the remaining troops. Continue up to the west, killing the two regular Brutes and the Concussion Rifle carrying gold Brute, then walk up the staircase into a tall and empty room.

Turn 180 degrees and jetpack up to the top, moving to the east. A Phantom will drop a load of Jackals that you'll need to take out on your way across. On every level of the next building are Jackals with Focus Rifles - take them out first, then handle the Brutes with the Concussion Rifles and Gravity Hammers. The hallway to the northwest is the best place to hide while taking shots at the enemies here, and there's a convenient hole in the wall that allows you to jetpack over to it without running up the stairs.

Next, head up the stairs to the west, watching out for the Brute with the Fuel Rod Cannon on the top floor. Use the rooms north to attack from (as you can jetpack up to the second level and then retreat to the lower one).

When you've dealt with this round of enemies, take the walkway over to the south, grabbing the D.M.R. and grenades along the way. Next, head east into the long two-story building being very careful to stay out of sight of the Brutes with Concussion Rifles, a Fuel Rod Cannon and Hammer. Methodically dispatch them and their Jackal cohorts, then grab a Plasma Pistol, using its charged shot to immobilize the Shade turret, and then the regular fire to destroy it.

Finally, kill the last Brute and move out onto the deck and await your Falcon.

I Should Have Become a Watchmaker

Jump into the gunner's seat and take out as many Covenant as you can until the Falcon drops you off. Hop into a Warthog and swing through the missile batteries a few times, letting your gunner take out any small infantry in the area before activating the defenses. Head up the main walkway, wary of the Ghosts on both sides of you. A dropship will attempt to unload three Skirmishers with Needle Rifles, but if you're fast enough, you can knock all three of them out of their seats.

Move up the stairs slowly, taking out the Grunts and Jackals first, then the Brutes. At the very top of the building are two Brutes with a Gravity Hammer and Fuel Rod Cannon respectively. Jump up to the long window and toss grenades inside to weaken them, then finish the job with a couple of D.M.R. shots to the head.

Alternatively, you can lure the Brutes around the corner, then jump back up the long window and crouch-jump through and hit the button to launch the missiles and end the mission.

New AlexandriaEdit

Fly By NightEdit

Jump in the Falcon and fly west toward the SinoViet HM Center to disable the first Covenant comm jammer. You'll likely be harassed by several Banshees on the way, but they go down easily with a few rounds from the machine gun. Stop a little over a hundred meters from the building and destroy the two Shade turrets before they can fire on you. Then drop down and shoot as many of the Covenant as you can through the opening in the building before landing.

Run inside and take out any that you missed, then take the elevator up to the fancy wood-grain suite. Go to the back of the bottom floor and deactivate the comm jammer, then haul ass back to the elevator to avoid an assault from a multitude of Drones.

If you hang around too long they will easily corner you in the back, so this is one time when it's completely logical to run-and-gun instead of being methodical. Once you make it back to the elevator, run in and hit the button and descend back to the bottom of the building. Surprisingly, no new Covenant will be waiting for you, so hop back into the Falcon and east to the next objective.

Several soldiers are pinned down on top of a building by enemy snipers designated with red arrows. Take them out, then head to the next comm jammer at the New Alexandria Hospital. Take out the Shade turret on the adjacent building before landing, then head inside.

The first thing you'll see are a bunch of sleeping Grunts. Kill as many as you can before they notice you, then grab the Drop Shield and start making your way to the bottom around the circular room. Make your way down the long hallway slowly, popping out of cover to take out one Brute at a time.

Once to the end, deactivate the comms jammer and prepare to fight your way back to the entrance. This time you'll face a squadron of jetpack Elites with Needle Rifles. Use the same strategy you used on the Brutes and work you way back to the circular room where you'll need to kill several more Elites and some Skirmishers before getting back to your Falcon.

Your next mission is to escort a familiar Gunnery Sergeant to his destination, destroying all of the Banshees that attack you along the way. Just make sure to keep moving and firing and you'll make it to the destination with no problems.

The next comms jammer is located at Club Errera. Fly in slow and take out the two Shade turrets and infantry on the landing. After they're dealt with, land the Falcon and head inside to find four Hunters attacking some troops near the jammer.

The best way to deal with this situation is to kill one Hunter, and then run up on that weak side. The Hunters are fairly slow and their shots are easy to avoid as long as you can see them coming.

Dodge the remaining Hunters' attacks and shut down the jammer, then turn around and jump down to the bottom floor, sprint back up the stairs and get back in the Falcon.

Last One Out... Turn Out the LightsEdit

Pilot your Falcon east toward the ONI tower and take out the long-range Shade turrets attacking the building. Just as before with the snipers, the turrets will be marked with red arrows.

They should all be fairly easy to destroy, just be careful of the Phantoms and Banshees in the area. After they're dust, a landing pad will extend from the tower. Head toward it to end the level.

The PackageEdit

Torch and BurnEdit

Start off by heading southwest around the partially submerged building, peaking around the corner to knock the Grunts out of the Shade turrets and the Jackal with the Focus Rifle on the Covenant sniper platform. Watch out for the Grunts on the ground with Fuel Rod Cannons as well; kill them and grab their weapons to take out the two Ghosts.

Once they're all dead, head south and jump in the Scorpion tank and immediately destroy the sniper platform beyond it. Turn the corner and take out another platform, Shade turret and group of enemies to the southwest.

When you begin climbing the hill to the northwest, two Ghosts will assault you. Take them out with a couple of tank rounds and crest the hill to sight the first of two Covenant AA guns. This time you won't need to take them down from the inside - six rounds each from the Scorpion will destroy them both.

Continue northwest, shooting down the Banshees that fly over the ridge, then take out the floating platform and three Ghosts that appear from behind the rocks.

When you round the curve facing east immediately take out the Revenant at the bottom of the hill, then target the Shade turrets before getting in their firing range; there is one on the big rock directly east, one in the trees just a little right of that, another on a rock to the southwest once you come around the bend, and one more way up on the mountain to the northeast.

Head up the hill to the northeast, taking out one more Revenant, then head through the gate back to Sword Base.

Help your fellow Spartans kill the Elites here before heading inside. You'll find that the elevator no longer works, so you'll have to go through maintenance to the north. Head up the walkways, peeking out from cover to kill the Jackals and Skirmishers along the way.

Once back inside the main area of Sword Base, you'll encounter several cloaked Elites. Use the doorway as cover while taking them out and be wary of the gold Elite that will try and surprise you from the top of the ramp. When they're dead, move through the doors on the right to the next area.

This Cave is Not a Natural FormationEdit

Once in the underground ice cave, activate the four defense turrets marked on your hud, then run toward the base you're to defend. Grab your favorite weapons and a jetpack, then fly through the rock formations, using them as cover, until you get to the Phantom hovering in the northeast.

Fly up and land on top of the dropship and wait for a Banshee to take notice of you; dodge its fire as it approaches, then jetpack up and hijack it - having a Banshee will make the rest of this level much easier. Use your newly acquired vehicle to make strafing runs past the enemies on the ground and the Wraith tank that's dropped across the bridge to the southeast.

Also make sure to periodically check the sky for more Banshees and destroy them before they can become a problem. Try not to get too close to the ground or the enemies there will hit you with charged Plasma pistol shots, ending your Banshee-time. Patiently circle the area taking out wave after wave of Covenant, landing in safe areas every once in a while to re-activate the defense turrets, until Dr. Halsey tells you she's opening the door. Then watch the cut scene and the level will end showing the last viewing of Jun.

Pillar Of AutumnEdit

Once more Unto the BreachEdit

You'll start the final mission following Emile through a gorge that opens into a wide valley. Take out as many of the Grunts and Jackals from the cliff as you can, then drop down and deal with the Elites. Take cover behind the various rocks and vehicles in the area and let Emile draw the attention of the enemies before you charge them.

Head across the bridge (or along the cliff edge on the far side) to the southeast. Hop on a Mongoose and drive the path to the east until you see the Scarab. Either try your luck zooming along the path, or hoof it along the cliff wall to the north, killing the Grunts in the drop-pods as you go.

Continue on the path past the two Phantoms and jump the broken bridge (or climb around the side if on foot).

This Town Isn't Big EnoughEdit

Grab the Armor Lockup armor ability, replenish your health if needed, and go through the broken fence to the southeast. When you top the ridge, take out the two Jackals on the floating platform and head east using the rocks or Armor Lockup for cover when you see the cannon-shot from the Wraith coming your way.

Drop down into the building on the left and grab a D.M.R. and Shotgun from the weapon box, then take out the Brutes with a couple of headshots each, luring them into the building if needed.

Continue through the buildings heading east. Headshot the gunner out of the Wraith, then run up and board the vehicle to take it out.

Move northeast through the next gorge, taking out the Grunts and Jackals along the way. After the cutscene, continue through the canyon where you'll be ambushed by a group of Drones and Skirmishers. After killing them, head south and restock on ammo and health, and grab the Drop Cover armor ability.

You'll emerge at the front of the dry-dock where a group of marines will be fighting off the Covenant. Take out as many as you can from the ridge, then drop down on the left side and take cover in in the building there. Kill the remaining Skirmishers, then focus on the Elites, one of whom carries a Fuel Rod Cannon.

When they're dead, use the staircase on the far left side of the dry-dock and head east to the next area. You can make your life a whole lot easier here by completely bypassing the Covenant down below; use the walkway near the middle of the second floor to run across to the roof across the way. Kill the Grunts through the hole in the ceiling here, then drop down on the right side of the room. Sneak along the wall to the end of the room, then quickly jump down and run down the hallway, throwing down a Drop Shield if the Elites notice you and start firing into your back.

In the next area you'll find a couple of marines that will offer to back you up. Head through the door to the area with the giant smelters and sneak around the right side of the room killing the Grunts and Jackals on the walkway. Use the cover of the walkways and columns to kill the two Elites on the far side, then head east along the walkway outside.

Hug the wall to the left as you enter the next area with the Hunters and Skirmishers. Take cover behind the shipping crates, killing the enemies that chase you over there.

When there are only the two Hunters left, let Emile distract them as you soften them up with grenades and using the circle-strafing, back-shooting strategy to take them out.

When they're dead, some doors to the east will open into another room with the large smelters and metal walkways. Kill the Jackals on the bottom floor, keeping an eye out for a cloaked Elite that will rush you with a sword.

Head upstairs, killing more Grunts, Jackals and a dual-wielding Elite along the way. Move down the hall to the east and up the stairs where you'll find some marines taking fire from a group of Grunts and Jackals. Take care of them and head east to the area with the landing pad.


Run to the top of the center building and grab the Sniper Rifle there. Wait for the Phantom to drop its troops to the north and the east, then take as many out with sniper rounds as you can.

From this point on, use the buildings for cover as waves of Covenant converge on your location, culminating with Hammer, Fuel Rod Cannon, and Plasma Launcher-wielding Brutes. Use the terrain (stairways, buildings, the area under the walkway) to your advantage, luring the Brutes to you and then taking them out with carefully placed headshots.

This area may prove to be the most difficult yet, but remain patient, methodical and smart, and you'll eventually prevail. Once all enemies are dead, a cutscene will roll, leaving you with one last area of Engineer-shielded Elites and Grunts to kill. Use the covered area to the left of the doorway as a base to kill these last few enemies.

If you can take out the Engineer floating on the east side of the room, this task will be considerably easier. Finally, head to the top of the stairs and jump in the Mass Driver Cannon. Shoot down the Phantoms as they appear (watch for the ones that come in directly overhead), making sure to destroy any Banshees you see immediately since their rapid-fire will kill you faster than anything else.

Once the cruiser is close enough, a red reticule will appear on its purple midsection. Line up the shot and pull the trigger to finish the game. (Make sure you hold right on the right thumbstick during the following cutscene for a special treat!)

Lone WolfEdit

Congratulations! Though Reach has been utterly decimated, you and the rest of Noble team have paved the way for a certain other Spartan to eventually save humanity from the evil Covenant. Now that you're a 'lone wolf' again, there's just one thing left to do - fight to the end.

There'll Be Another TimeEdit

After the credits roll, you'll be left in the middle of a wasteland where the only company you'll have are the corpses of your fallen comrades and an increasingly numerous and hostile Covenant force.

Scattered around this final area you'll find several Armor Abilities (including a Drop Shield, which will likely help keep you alive the longest) and a multitude of weapons. Pick your favorites and hole-up in a building, taking potshots at the surrounding Covenant, or launch yourself headfirst into their midst.

Either way, the end will be the same.

Enjoy the poignant final cutscene and pat yourself on the back for making it to the end.

this guide is alright but could do with some extra work. eg going into more specifics on locations of objects and more sets of tactics on how to do different things. Some people like different ways to do things out of the traditional. good job but add some more stuff.


10 very reachable tips for surviving online skirmishes in the latest Halo.Edit

1. Respect the "Golden Triangle:" Weapons, Grenades, and MeleeEdit

Halo has always been a game of balance. Knowing when it is or isn't appropriate to fire off a round, throw a fist, or toss a grenade is the first and most important lesson you need to learn. Obviously, you shoot an enemy that's far away rather than trying to connect with a melee attack, but you could do more damage with a well-placed grenade instead. Depending on your opponent's vicinity to a wall or explosive, you may want to soften them up with a frag and then finish them off with a well-placed D.M.R. headshot.

If you're in a close-quarters firefight and nearing the end of your clip, try to close the distance and connect with a melee attack instead of reloading. Note that there are now Armor Abilities which allow a fourth layer to your strategy, but we'll cover those in more depth below.

2. Learn Your LoadoutsEdit

A new feature to the series, Loadouts allow you to choose your Armor Ability and main weapon at the start of a match and at each respawn thereafter. Weigh your options based on several factors: The map you're playing on, the kind of strategy other players (both teammates or opponents) are choosing, and perhaps most importantly, the weapons and Armor Abilities you're most comfortable with.

Every situation will call for a different set of weapons and skills, so don't just stick with one loadout all the time, unless, of course, you're dominating with it.

3. Know Your GrenadesEdit

While Halo 3 mixed things up a bit by introducing spike and flame grenades, Halo: Reach has gone back to tried-and-true combination of frags and stickies, and knowing what situation to use each is vital. The humans' fragmentation grenades behave a bit like a hard rubber ball: bouncing slightly as they hit an object -- whether that be the floor, a wall or another player -- before exploding in a fairly wide radius. Plasma, or "sticky" grenades act sort of like a wet sponge, plopping against walls and falling straight down, coming to a rapid stop when thrown toward the floor, and sticking to other players when making direct contact (the point where that wet sponge analogy falls apart).

It's important to judge whether your enemy is a candidate to receive a non-direct hit (for splash damage that can significantly reduce their shields), or if they can be easily stuck with a plasma, ensuring an instant kill.

Of course, you can't hone your skills in grenade throwing if you don't have any at your disposal, so always take a step or two out of your planned path to pick any up that you see lying on the battlefield.

4. Be SneakyEdit

A lot of people you come up against in Halo follow the old "run in guns blazing" approach, which can work quite well if they can keep a fast pace, but more often than not, this simply puts them in their enemies' crosshairs. There are two advantages to being sneaky: One, you'll be able to pick off the nuts hopping around spraying bullets in all directions, and two, they likely won't kill you, because you're, well, hiding.

With the inherit time limits of each round, it's tempting to try and hunt down every player as quickly and as often as possible, but if you can find a few good dark corners, move effectively while crouching (which also hides you on radar), and possibly employ active camo, you'll find that patience is rewarding. All of the other players may jump out ahead of you at the beginning, but just remember the old adage, "slow and steady wins the race."

5. Learn the Maps and Weapon PlacementsEdit

This tip is kind of a given. If your opponent knows the map better than you, they will have a tactical advantage that outstrips pure skill. Therefore, it is paramount that you get to know the maps. Try creating a private, non-joinable party, and simply run around the levels alone, making mental notes of good hiding and ambush spots as well as weapon placement. While loadouts decrease the amount of people running to grab the shotgun when they can simply choose to spawn with it, there are still "power weapons" scattered about that can quickly turn the tide of battle.

When you do jump into some real matches, don't get aggravated when someone scores a kill that seemed to be somehow magical. Instead, try to figure out if they took advantage of the terrain in some way, had a weapon you didn't know about, or simply spawned conveniently. Knowing immediately where you are after each spawn, where to go, and what's around you can mean the difference between first and last.

6. Use Armor Abilities WiselyEdit

In Halo 3, Bungie introduced equipment, which allowed for some interesting new strategies, but their transient nature (that is, one-time uses) really didn't lend them to becoming an integral part of combat. Now, with the rechargeable Armor Abilities, you can effectively utilize a fourth tactic in the aforementioned Golden Triangle to increase your odds of survival.

So now, instead of simply thinking, "shoot, 'nade, melee," you should be thinking, "Active Camo, shoot, melee," "sprint, melee, shoot," "shoot, jetpack, 'nade," or perhaps even "hologram, 'nade, snipe." Of course, using the right grenades and weapons according to your target's position and movement is still important, but throwing in the odd Armor Ability helps to mix things up.

7. Only Asses AssassinateEdit

Reach includes a new feature which allows the player to stylishly assassinate (one-hit-kill) an enemy if they are caught unawares. By holding down the melee button instead of tapping it, the camera will pan out briefly to show your Spartan or Elite performing a killing flourish. While nice to look at, the drawn-out assassination animations only serve to make you immobile, and therefore, a perfect target for a second or two. That may not seem like much, but it's plenty of time for another player to lob a grenade at your feet or put your head in their sniper scope -- all while you can do nothing to avoid it.

So, if you do happen to catch someone not looking, give them a swift punch or rifle-butt to the back of the head -- the effect is just as deadly, and it also buys you an extra second's worth of maneuvering.

8. Paintjobs MatterEdit

Have you ever been playing on a map composed of mostly grays, browns and greens where you are constantly aware of the guy or gal running around in bright pink, yellow, or purple armor? If you're noticing them more often, isn't it likely that everyone else is too? As intimated in tip #4, being noticed more often correlates directly with being killed more often.

Thus, it's probably a good idea to stay away from the bright armor colors and go with something that will blend in with the environment a bit more. Like assassinations, bright colors are a cool way of making a statement, but completely useless if you're trying to up your game.

9. Don't be Ashamed to RunEdit

Just as it is important to know when to charge an opponent to finish off a kill, it's also crucial to know when you are outgunned. If you get hit with a grenade, sniper shot or explosive round, it's often better to find some cover rather than your attacker. Running around a corner or ducking behind a wall not only puts you out of their line of fire, but also gives you a moment to figure out where they were most likely attacking from. With this information, you can try to set up a trap either by crouching in a corner and waiting for them to come barreling around it, or by tossing a well-timed grenade to the spot you think they will be in a few seconds.

If you're being actively chased, a good strategy is to run through a door or around some otherwise solid object that you can lob a grenade into, letting it bounce directly back toward you. If you time it right, you'll run right past the explosion while your antagonist will receive the full force of it. Then, you can calmly turn and place a bullet or fist (your choice) into their face to finish the job. At this point, teabagging to rub it in is completely optional.

10. Regarding Trash TalkEdit

While there's nothing wrong with a quick and friendly match among friends, it's never as satisfying to say "good game" as it is to blurt "stuck ya, noob!" This strategy won't likely make you any new friends on Xbox Live, but it can be an effective psychological tool. If your opponent is too busy fuming about your ceaseless taunting, he will be less likely to employ sound strategies.

Of course, this can backfire catastrophically if you tease the wrong player; like, say, someone much better than you who will then hunt you tirelessly for the rest of the match.

If you do choose to engage in some trash talking, please at least make sure it's mostly benign. Not only will shouting racial epithets or questioning another player's sexual orientation not make you any friends, it can also get you banned. Just remember to keep it clean.__