One of many to comeEdit

8.5 Presentation The menus and interfaces have been cleaned up, so everything’s easy to understand and the screen isn’t as cluttered. The map is pretty slick, too. The framerate can get pretty choppy though.

8.0 Graphics The environments are extremely pretty, but you’re looking at same ones for most of the game, which sucks. Low-resolution textures plague weapons and costumes. Pre-rendered cutscenes appear blurry.

9.0 Sound The voice acting is really impressive, especially Varric’s. The sound effects and music are also nice complements to the game.

8.5 Gameplay This is a game that lets you play the way you want to: be a jerk or a saint, play it like an action game or employ your own strategy. It’s up to you, and that’s great.

8.0 Lasting Appeal Keeping you in one area for almost the entire game means you’ll probably get sick of looking at Kirkwall after the second Act. Still, I want to replay the game to develop different relationships.

8.5 OVERALL Great (out of 10)